5 Ways to Enjoy Singles Day on 11 November

If you’re single and you don’t want to be, you might feel as though you don’t have much to celebrate. But on Singles Day — 11 November — it’s a good time to remember what you value about yourself and your single lifestyle. There are definitely good things about being single, and Singles Day is the time to celebrate them.

The Singles Day tradition started in China, where the one-child rule and the uneven ratio of men to women means that many adults are single. In 1993, students at Nanjing University decided to designate a special day to celebrate being single, and the new tradition has quickly become very popular in other parts of the world as well as in China.

1) Be proud of your single style

If you’d rather be in a relationship than be single it’s easy to forget that there are lots of good things about the single lifestyle. Sharing your life with a significant other is great, but not having to make compromises is great too!

  • You never have to fight for your share of hot water, blankets, or chocolate.
  • You can do what you want, whenever you want to. If you want to go on a spontaneous weekend away with a few friends, there’s nothing stopping you.
  • You can do everything your way, and everything in your home is just how you like it.
  • You can prioritise yourself and your career.
  • You have plenty of time to spend with friends and family.
  • You have the excitement of new dates and new loves to look forward to.

2) Go on a shopping spree

In China in particular, Singles Day has become heavily associated with shopping, especially online. The huge Chinese shopping website Alibaba runs the world’s largest 24-hour online sale to coincide with Singles Day, and it’s getting bigger and bigger every year. So consider Singles Day the perfect excuse to enjoy some retail therapy online or in your favourite shops. After all, as a single adult you’ve only got yourself to ask when it comes to credit card spending, and you’re sure to say yes!

3) Have a party

If you’re feeling down about being single celebrate 11 November with a party, and you’ll have such a great time you’ll forget what day it is anyway.

There are lots of ways to make a Singles Day party unique; for instance, make your get-together a themed party, where guests go in costume as one half of a famous pair. Or, host a blind date party, where all the guests are single, and see if any sparks fly.

4) Go on a speed-dating evening

Singles Day doesn’t mean you have to focus on staying single, it can also be the day on which you say goodbye to being single. Speed dating can be a lot of fun, and it’s a great way to meet new people even if you don’t get any dates out of it. Grab a single friend or two for even more fun, and you’ll still get to have a great time no matter how things turn out.

5) Get married!

Apparently, Singles Day is for couples too, as 11 November is quickly becoming a popular wedding day. This is largely due to its growing association with Singles Day, and the desire for couples to choose a meaningful wedding date. While single people are celebrating their own way, couples who are tying the knot on 11 November are choosing to say “I do” as they symbolically leave the single life — and Singles Day — behind forever.

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