6 Ways to Use Online Dating Sites More Effectively

For many people, flirting online is a lot easier than flirting in person — but it’s not that way for everyone. If you’re introverted or shy, flirting online might not be any easier at all. And in some ways, it’s more difficult, because it’s much harder to gauge someone’s reaction when you’re reading their text messages. What’s a shy person to do? Read these tips, for one. These 6 simple steps will help you get into the flirting game and hopefully, help you get a date or two!

1) Think about what you want

You might think that one dating site is very much like another, and it doesn’t matter which one you choose, but that’s definitely not the case. There are general sites where you can meet all kinds of people, as well as sites that are exclusively for mature singles, for Christians, or for people who are interested in casual flirting and dating rather than pursuing a relationship.

So, your first step is simply to decide what you want. If you’re just after some flirting practice, for instance, a site like Tinder or Cheeky Devil is a great option. Or, if you’re looking for a great match, try a site like Elite Singles, where you’ll fill out a comprehensive questionnaire to help you find compatible matches.

2) Choose a site with an app or mobile messaging

Not so long ago, online flirting was something you did while staring at a computer screen, but these days the screens we stare at are a lot smaller. And there’s no need to sit at home anymore either. Choose a site with mobile messaging or a message app and you can flirt on the go!

3) Try out the search filters

For ease of use it’s hard to beat Tinder, but if you’re looking for more from your matches, you’ll want to choose a site that has a good search function with multiple filters. That will allow you to look for people who share your interests, to give you a better chance at successful flirting.

4) Check out the matchmaking features

Have you ever started talking to someone who you were instantly attracted to, but then found that you didn’t have much to say to one another? Dating sites that allow you to fill out questionnaires help avoid this problem, because they match you up with people based on interests and other criteria that you provide. It gives you a much better chance of finding people with whom you have plenty in common.

5) Evaluate the safety features

One of the few downsides to flirting online is the very real possibility that the person you’re flirting with is not who they say they are. In fact, the phenomenon of people creating fake online profiles is so common it has a name — catfishing.

To mitigate the risks of online flirting, check out whether there are any extra safety features you can take advantage of on the dating site you’re using. For instance, on Zoosk, users can upload a short video clip of themselves to verify their profile.

6) Try out the extras

If you want to try more than just chatting, look at the optional extras that each dating site provides. For example, Match.com has a user-friendly instant messaging app, plus video and audio chat available for use on the website.

Some sites have extras such as chat rooms where people can talk in groups, and secure phone lines, for people who’d rather talk over the phone than use video-style chat.

Make it a date!

Once you’re flirting successfully — and you meet someone you think you might be interested in — consider taking it to the next level with a real-life meet-up. If you’ve spent plenty of time talking, and made use of the site’s safety features, go ahead and schedule a date with confidence!

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