Can You Keep a Holiday Romance Alive?

For many of us, a holiday is a time when we feel free to do things we might not normally have the courage for. We’re positive, relaxed, and happy, and sometimes we’re even open to the idea of romance. If you go on holiday with the right attitude, you may find that someone catches your eye. A holiday romance ensues, and you’re starry-eyed from morning til night. But what happens when the holiday is over?

Once you’re both back at home, with the fun and romance of the holiday far behind you, that’s when it gets difficult. Whether you live close to one another or are separated by hundreds of miles, there are some definite barriers to keeping that romance alive. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible! Use these tips are a starting point, and you may just find that your holiday romance flourishes even after the holiday is over.

Be honest about what you want

The first thing to think about isn’t whether or not you can keep a holiday romance alive — it’s whether you should. Not every holiday romance is destined to be true love, and that’s okay.

To decide if your holiday romance is worth pursuing back at home, think about how compatible you are as a couple, whether you have anything important in common, and what kinds of dreams and goals you share. You may find that the memory of the romance brings you more pleasure than the idea of becoming a couple in the “real” world.

Don’t make assumptions about the state of the relationship

The carefree atmosphere of a holiday can make the romance seem like more than it really is — can make you seem more compatible as a couple, and make your feelings for the other person seem stronger than they are. It’s easy to get the wrong idea about a holiday romance, and to expect that you’ll naturally pick things up when you get back home. Don’t make any assumptions about this before you talk to the other person! If you’ve decided that the relationship is one you want to pursue back home, make sure the other person feels the same way before you make any plans.

But at the same time…

Don’t close yourself off to other options

If you think you’ve met “the one” while on holiday, remember that your heightened romantic feelings might come crashing back to earth once you get back home. If you haven’t made firm plans to continue your relationship, it’s okay to continue dating other people if that’s what you’d normally do.

Keep your options open, but at the same time, make sure you and your holiday love are on the same page when it comes to your relationship, and the possibility of dating other people.

Communicate as often as possible

So, you and your holiday love have decided to see where this holiday romance will take you back in the real world. What next? If you live near each other this isn’t a big issue, but what if you’ve from completely different parts of the country, or even from different countries entirely?

Thanks to modern technology there are many different ways to communicate, so don’t be shy about using them. Text, instant messaging, Skype, FaceTime, and other apps will ensure you get to “see” each other on a daily basis even if you can’t get together for a drink after work. Use technology to help you get to know each other better until your next face-to-face meeting.

And as far as face-to-face meetings go, make sure to meet up as soon as you can — the relationship can easily stagnate if you’re not able to see each other often enough.

Trust in each other

If you decide to pursue the relationship, trust may become an issue if you live far away from each other. Make the commitment to trust, and continue to work both on trusting your partner, and on being worthy of their trust.

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