Christian Dating: Finding Love in Faith

For many Christians, their religion defines who they are as a person – so it is natural to seek out a partner who shares the same world-view. While it may be traditional to find a soulmate within your own congregation, online Christian dating has made it easier to find other like-minded people for a relationship. We have compared some of the top online dating sites for Christians below.

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From £27.95/month Easy to meet other serious, professional Christians.
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From £12.95/month Relationship surveys help find Christian matches.
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From £11.95/month Affinity questionnaire to find other like-minded Christians.
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If you’re a committed Christian, the love of God will be a part of your daily life and, if you are now looking for an earthly love to complement it, we have three tips to Christian dating to make that happen.

1. Decide upfront what your boundaries are

Many dating sites encourage people to take a flexible approach when it comes to looking for their future spouse. However, most people have certain, fundamental values and beliefs and it’s critical for them to find a partner who is compatible with these.

Compatibility, however, means different things to different people. For some people, it’s enough for a partner to respect their faith, even if they don’t believe themselves. For others, a partner has to have faith, even if they don’t actively practice it. Some people, however, need to see that a partner has the same sort of religious commitment as they do. Think seriously about what, specifically, you need to see in your partner in terms of belief and only connect with people you think can meet your criteria.

This could potentially save you a whole lot of time and heartache.

2. Think about how to meet your potential partner

If you are looking for a partner who shares your faith, meeting someone at church seems like the obvious solution. However, you can attend services week after week without ever meeting anybody else who is single and looking for love! Doesn’t it seem like everybody is already paired off and starting to plan a family?

Another option is to try to meet people via dating apps. But be aware that these are often referred to as ‘hookup’ apps for a reason; although some people find long-term relationships on apps like Tinder, many just use it to plan one-off liaisons and are not looking for anything serious.

Your other option is to look into paid Christian online dating sites. You can go to a general site like PlentyOfFish, but you may be better suited to sites that are dedicated to help people of faith meet others with similar beliefs. Don’t be afraid to sign up to paid sites. They are often the best way to meet others who are genuine (nobody sets up fake profiles when they have to pay for them!) and who are taking the journey as seriously as you are.

3. Look for a relationship that is in balance

Healthy romantic relationships are usually a combination of compatibility, spiritual/emotional connection and physical attraction.

Compatibility means just that. It covers everything from geographical location (being at different ends of a city can be almost as challenging as being at different ends of a country if neither of you drives) to being able to accommodate each other’s life passions. You may both share a belief in Christ but if one of you is super-sporty and the other hates sport and anything to do with it, you’re unlikely to have much to talk about.

Spiritual/emotional connection is pretty much self-explanatory. In basic terms, you need to understand each other and there needs to be a strong connection between you.

That leaves physical attraction, which is probably the single biggest factor in turning a friendship into a loving relationship. It’s also about a whole lot more than looks.

When you are in the early stages of a relationship, make sure you think about it in terms of each of these factors and be alert to any warnings that your attraction to a person is based on just one or two of them. There may be exceptions, but generally you need all 3 factors to be present for a relationship to succeed.

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