Hindu Dating for British Indians

As a Hindu, religion can be one of the major defining parts of your life. It is only natural to want to find a partner who sees life from the same point of view, and the advent of online Hindu dating has given everyone the ability to find a like-minded partner. Use our dating website comparisons below to find the best online dating option for you.

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The internet is changing the rules of the dating game for Indians, as it is doing for so many other people. With that in mind, here are five tips to successful Hindu dating.

1. Decide how you will meet your potential partner

It might well be that your parents had arranged marriages, where their families chose someone who they thought they would be well suited to. After a few meetings, decisions were made about whether or not they would progress to marriage.

Some younger British Indians still enjoy the benefits associated with arranged marriage, but there are also other options for meeting your future spouse. You might want to see if you can meet any eligible singles at your place of worship, if finding another Hindu is very important to you, or you may decide that Hindu online dating is the way forward. With online dating, the best sites tend to come at a price, but it is well worth it when you consider that it may give you access to the love of your life!

2. Be clear about the sort of relationship you want

In the old days, “dating” essentially meant looking for your future spouse. For a lot of people this is still what it means today, but there is a growing number of people of both genders who are looking for “lower-commitment” relationships.

Because of this, it’s increasingly important to ensure that you only date people who are looking for the same sort of commitment level as you are. If you want to meet somebody to marry, the last thing you want is to ‘swipe right’ on somebody just looking for a hook-up.

3. Be careful about how you connect with dates on social media

It may seem like a good idea to use social media as a bridge between connecting with your prospect via a Hindu dating site and meeting them in the real world but, if you’re active on social media, your profile will have a lot of information about you and your friends will be on it. Basically, this is likely to turn into an overwhelming case of “too much, too soon”!

On the other hand, connecting via Skype could be a great first step. It gives you a chance to talk to each other and break the ice before you decide whether to meet up in the real world. Plus, it does so in a way that allows you to keep your personal details private.

4. Be aware that your family will have a view of any future partner

One of the challenges for many Indian Hindus, younger ones in particular, is reconciling a modern lifestyle with traditional culture and the values held by those of your parents’ and grandparents’ generation.

If you’re looking for the person who’ll be your future husband/wife, then you need to be clear in your own mind about what your family’s expectations are. You will also need to decide how far you – and any potential partner – would accommodate these expectations.

Because of this, you may wish to think about introducing your potential match to your family at an early stage to see how they get on and to determine if there are any issues which need to be resolved for you to be happy together.

5. Be yourself

This may seem like basic advice, but the whole point of dating is to find someone whose company you will enjoy, whether that’s over the short term or the long term. If they’re right for you, they’ll like you for who you are, so just be yourself and have fun.

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