How do You Know if Someone is Into You?

Have you ever had this happen to you on a date: you have a great time, the conversation is flowing, and you think a second date is almost a dead certainty. But then? You never heard from that person again. What’s going on? For many people, the problem is that they just can’t accurately tell when someone is interested in them in a romantic sense, versus when they’re behaving in a way that means friendship is on the cards.

They’re not bluffing

Most people, when they’re romantically or physically interested in someone, have tells — physical movements — that they display without even realising it. If you’re observant, you can pick up on them and figure out more easily if someone is into you.

It’s important to be unobtrusive as well as observant when you’re trying to look for tells. If the other person notices they may think you’re staring at them and feel uncomfortable. Tread carefully!

Be quick, or you’ll miss this one

Many of these signs happen extremely quickly or are very subtle and easy to miss. One of the fastest and most difficult of the signs to spot is the eyebrow flash. If someone’s attracted to you, when they’re looking at you, you might notice that they sometimes raise their eyebrows very quickly. It happens in a flash — less than half a second — so you have to be very observant in order to catch this one.

Watch the eyes

Making eye contact regularly during conversation is a good sign of interest, but to find out if someone’s interested in more than conversation, check out the “flirting triangle”. What on earth is the flirting triangle? It’s the area of space around the eyes, nose, and mouth. If someone keeps looking at that part of your face, it can be a sign that they want to kiss you (or be kissed by you).

Another interesting tidbit about the eyes is that when you like the person you’re looking at, your heart tends to beat more quickly. And believe it or not, this causes your eyes to blink more often!. So, if your date is blinking more than normal — 10 blinks a minute or more — it may be an indication that they like looking at you.

Narrowing the gap

Everyone has their own “bubble” of body space that we prefer to keep for ourselves, and only people we trust are allowed to come any closer. So, in general, the less space there is between you and your date, the more comfortable you are together. If you’re feeling comfortable enough to sit next to each other, you may be ready for more intimate, flirty gestures.

If you’re not sure how comfortable your date is feeling, try reaching across the table to touch their hand briefly. If they’re uncomfortable, they’ll probably move their hand away. If they do move their hand away, don’t continue to pursue physical touch — you’ll only make them more uncomfortable.

Look at the feet

Another quick indicator? The direction someone’s feet are pointing. If they’re pointing towards you, it’s a sign that they like you and might be enjoying your company. On the other hand, if their feet are pointing away, it may indicate that they’d prefer to be elsewhere.

A chain reaction

One single tell, or even two, doesn’t necessarily mean anything on its own — it’s not that simple. Instead of looking for one specific tell, what you’re looking for is a “chain” of several different tells that happen fairly close together. If your date has their feet pointed towards you, is looking at your eyes or mouth, and then makes a move to touch your hand? Chances are, they’re into you!

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