How to Enjoy Being Single on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is that day of the year when couples celebrate their relationships. A lovely day for people with partners, but for those of us who are single, it can sometimes be a painful and lonely day. Of course, you can tell yourself that it’s become such a commercial holiday that it doesn’t mean as much as it used to anymore, but it’s hard to keep hold of that point of view when you’re surrounded by happy couples! Instead of taking the “bah humbug” approach, why not find a date just for fun, or spend time having fun with friends?

Stay positive in the “now”

Past experiences might be on your mind right now, if you had a partner to spend time with on previous Valentine’s Days. You may find yourself feeling a little bit gloomy if you spend to much time comparing then with now. Instead, try and focus on staying positive and feeling good about what’s in your life right now, instead of what’s not in it.

For a bit more of a boost, why not make a list of all the great things in your life? Or, make a list of all the things that are good about being single. For instance, being able to cook whatever you like and whenever you like, having alone time whenever you need it, the freedom of making decisions without having to consult someone else, and the fun of knowing you can stay out all night if you want to.

Try a just-for-fun date

Many people feel lonely on Valentine’s Day, especially if they’re actively looking for love. For that reason, online dating sites tend to be busy over the celebration period. So why not take advantage of it, and see if you can get a date for the big day? Make it a just-for-fun date, instead of putting any pressure on to do something romantic, and you’ll be enjoying yourself too much to even remember that you’re single!

Go to a singles-only party

If the idea of a date doesn’t grab you, what about a singles party? They’re popular Valentine’s Day events, so it’s a great night for having fun and meeting lots of different people.

Have a night in with friends or flatmates

Round up your single friends and flatmates and have a great night in. Cook a delicious meal with a decadent dessert, watch a movie or two, enjoy a few drinks, whatever you feel like. Let your friends know that they’re important to you on the day of the year that’s all about love.

Treat yourself

You don’t need to be in a relationship to receive gifts; you can do something special for yourself any time! Go shopping for that special item you’ve been wanting, have a massage or a luxurious bubble bath, or just do whatever it is that makes you feel special. No need to wait for someone to bring you flowers when you can buy your own!

Don’t forget the chocolate

Love might be the main idea of Valentine’s Day, but let’s not forget that it’s also about chocolate. Load up on your favourite chocolate treats and enjoy the endorphin boost! And don’t forget, Valentine’s Day chocolate usually goes on sale the day after, so there’s another good time to stock up.

Find someone new to love

If you have a lot of love to give, or feel lonely sometimes, getting a pet is a great option. Adopt a cat or dog from a homeless shelter and you’ll save a life and have a new best friend in an instant.

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