Gay Dating: Tips and Advice

The world of online dating has changed the game entirely for gay men. While many used to meet partners at dedicated clubs or events, online gay dating has made starting potential relationships a lot easier, while popular apps such Grindr made hook-ups with other local men easier and safer. Our comparison table below lists some of the best online dating websites for men looking for men.

Company Cost Description Features Rating Website
From £27.95/month Find other professional, gay men.
  • For working, affluent professionals
  • Mobile apps
  • Free membership (limited features)
  • Automatic match suggestions
  • Detailed personality profile
out of 10

Visit Elite Singles
From £12.95/month Match up with other gay men based on compaibility.
  • 3.5 million UK members
  • Mobile apps
  • Free membership (limited features)
  • Unique matchmaking system
  • Unlimited messages
out of 10

Visit eHarmony

So, you’re still looking for the man of your dreams? You’ve tried going out on the gay scene and have only met couples or men who are just not right for you… And all your gay friends have coupled up… Perhaps you’ve been swiping left and right on Grindr but nobody is looking for a proper relationship like you are…

We’re going to give you some tips on meeting the man you are hoping for and actually get a date with him.

Get out there and look!

This may seem a really simple suggestion, but sitting around waiting for Mr Right to find you is leaving your future happiness to luck, whereas actually going out looking for him yourself gives you a much higher chance of finding him (and maybe meeting a few good friends along the way).

Be prepared to kiss a few frogs

There’s a very good chance you’ll need to test out a few potential candidates before you find the perfect fit. A few of these may turn out to be great people who turn into good friends, but are just not Mr Right for you. Others may be “one-date wonders”, people with whom you have one enjoyable evening and to whom you say goodbye, knowing that one date is as much as both of you want. In all likelihood, most will be somewhere in the middle. In any case, it’s important to keep trying.

Think about what you want from gay dating

You’ll save yourself a whole lot of time, effort and potential heartache if you’re clear in your own mind what your non-negotiables are and what are your biggest desirables. If you’re really looking to find your life partner then it’s a big risk to try dating people who have made it clear they are just looking for some short-term fun. You may change their mind, but you may not. That’s the risk, it’s up to you to decide if you think it’s worth taking.

Invest in your success

Joining paid gay dating websites can improve your chances of meeting the guy you’re looking for considerably. Free sites might look tempting but a lot of people on those fake their identity and aren’t taking dating seriously. Those on paid sites are far more likely to be genuine and authentic and be truly looking for their soul mate, too.

Believe in yourself

If you find yourself drawing a blank after what seems like a lot of effort, it can be easy to lose confidence and to think that the problem is something to do with you. Hold on to your confidence and your self belief; they’re very appealing traits. You are looking for somebody who adores you for you, so don’t go changing just to persuade somebody to love you.

Be prepared to put your heart on your sleeve (at least a little)

Trust has to work both ways, which means if you want someone to open up to you so you can find out more about them and see if you’re a good match, then you have to be prepared to do the same.

One of the key indications of a successful date is that conversation flows easily in both directions with the couple taking turns at talking and active listening. If you find it a challenge to get a conversation started, think up some harmless, fun, ice-breakers beforehand. For example, you could ask him what historical or fictional character he’d most like to meet in real life or challenge him by asking for a list of the best pop groups of the 80s, in order of awesomeness!

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