Move Over, Valentine’s Day: Halloween is the New Date Night Holiday

If you’ve been single for a while, you probably know that dating is a bit cyclical: at some times of the year it’s hard to get a date, while at other times of the year it’s much easier. For instance, during the Christmas and New Year holiday period, there are lots of parties and celebrations going on, and getting dates is generally easier than at most other times of the year. And, while many people think of Valentine’s Day as the one time of the year when getting a date is easy, the truth is, one overlooked holiday might actually give you a better chance: Halloween. Why is this the case, and what are some of the best Halloween date activities?

Why Halloween?

Halloween is definitely overlooked in terms of its potential as a dating “season” but in a way, it has even more potential than Valentine’s Day. Think of it this way: Valentine’s Day is all about couples. And many single people are wary of Valentine’s Day dates, because the simple fact of its being February 14 sometimes causes people to attach more romantic significance to the evening than it would otherwise have. So, some single people feel that it’s better to avoid Valentine’s dates, in order to avoid that potential awkwardness.

Enter Halloween, which has absolutely no romantic associations. In fact, it’s completely the opposite. That alone makes it a great option for a date night, as there’s no pressure to make the evening particularly romantic. So the question isn’t “why Halloween,” it’s “why not?”

What to do on a Halloween Date

There are many activities that are perfect for date nights, that take on an extra frisson of enjoyment if you’re doing them on or around Halloween. Think about one or two of these for your Halloween date!

See a horror movie

Most scary films come out at this time of year, so there’s usually some good options for movies at Halloween. And they’re perfect date movies, because a scary film is one that’ll have you and your date reaching for each other’s hands in the darkness!

Go on a ghost tour

If there are rumours of hauntings anywhere near you, chances are there will be ghost tours around Halloween. On a ghost tour, you’ll walk around town with a group of people, visiting different locations of ghost sightings. Typically you’ll be with a guide who talks about the ghostly history of the area, and in some cases, there are other people involved who provide some “scares” at some locations. They’re one of the most fun ways to learn about local history, and will provide you and your date with some interesting topics of conversation, too.

Visit an amusement park

If you have a theme park within a reasonable distance Halloween is the best time of year to visit, as many of them will go to extra effort during the scary season. Themed entertainment and rides make it even more exciting, and there’s never a better time of year to ride the ghost train.

Go to a theme party

Taking a date to a Halloween-themed party is a great option for the evening, especially if it’s a costume party. Or, if you’re single, it’s still a great way to spend the evening, as you’re certain to meet plenty of new people, and an unusual costume is the perfect icebreaker.

Don’t know anyone who’s hosting a party? Consider having your own! If you’re single, it’s a great opportunity to have a singles party on the spookiest night of the year.

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