Dating as a Muslim in Modern Britain

For many Muslims, their religion defines who they are as a person – so it is natural to seek out a partner who shares the same world-view. While tradition may dictate that your family decides who your partner will be, a lot of modern Muslims are making their own decisions about who to date. Online Muslim dating is a big part of this, and we have compared some of the biggest dating websites to help you choose which is the best for you.

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In the 21st century, Muslims of both genders have enthusiastically adopted online dating for much the same reasons as it has caught on with people of other faiths and none. It’s a great way to meet compatible people who are also looking for a partner, and who share common interests and values.

So we’ve put together five tips on making online Muslim dating a success.

1. Resolve the chaperone question before your first meeting

Traditionally, single, Muslim people of opposite genders only ever meet with a chaperone present. For some modern Muslims, this is an outdated custom. For others, it’s an essential part of their faith and culture and is expected by their families. There are all kinds of ways of modernising the concept of the chaperone; for example, you could both bring along a family member or close and trusted friend so you get the best of both worlds, or you could go to a family event on your date so you will be surrounded by responsible people but still having a date on your own.

With these options, you have the traditional chaperone but you also have a bit of breathing space and the opportunity to talk freely and get to know each other.

2. Don’t be afraid to pay for online Muslim dating options

There are some dedicated online dating sites for Muslims wanting to meet a partner and, if you want to avoid meeting lots of irrelevant people on generic dating sites, go ahead and pay for a dating site that is specifically for Muslims. You will be able to skip all the inappropriate messages from people who aren’t religious like you, and find those who share your faith right away.

Plus, if somebody is paying to date online, they are probably taking it just as seriously as you are, and that will save you a lot of time and energy!

3. Be prepared to be open

One of the defining features of Muslim dating is that it is often very much for the purpose of finding a spouse. A spouse is someone with whom you intend to spend the rest of your life and if you want to have children then they will be your children’s mother/father. It’s therefore only natural that you will want to find out a lot about your date and, equally, that they will want to find out a lot about you. In other words, curiosity works both ways and it’s a safe assumption that your date will be just as eager as you to make sure that he/she is on the right track.

So, talk openly and easily and try not to hold back or resist answering difficult questions. It’s the best way to get to know each other.

4. Meet each other’s families at an early stage

Muslim culture has long recognised the truth that when you get married, you’re not just marrying the person, you’re marrying their family and friends as well. As much as Muslim dating has modernised in recent years, the tradition of meeting each other’s families at an early stage still seems to be alive and well and this makes complete sense.

Family bonds are usually the strongest there are and it’s in everyone’s interests to ensure that both sets of families can get on a good footing with each other at an early stage.

5. Be respectful and flexible, but know your limits

Making a success of dating, online or offline, generally means striking a balance between being respectful of other people’s beliefs and showing the flexibility to compromise to accommodate them, where appropriate, and knowing which aspects of your own life are so fundamental to you that you refuse to compromise on them.

It’s hard to pin down any hard-and-fast rules on this since one person’s minor issue can be another person’s dealbreaker. There is, however, one golden rule, which can be applied in just about any situation and that is to communicate. If something really matters to you, then make sure that your date understands this. If they’re right for you, they’ll work with you to find a solution.

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