Dating for Single Straight Women

There used to be a time when the man was expected to make the first move, but things have changed in the modern world. Part of that change has been online dating, allowing women to pick out men who they otherwise would never have met. We take a look at some of the top online dating sites for women seeking men.

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Rom coms are full of the comical struggles of single, straight women and, by their nature, they always have a happy ending. There are plenty of happy endings in real life too but, frequently, women face a few challenges before they get to them.

Where to meet a man

You have a few options here but apps, real life and paid dating websites are your main choices. Apps are fine for hook-ups but a lot of the men on the free ones are not looking for serious relationships. Plus, it’s a bit too easy to fake who you really are on there… you don’t truly know who you’re talking to.

Paid dating websites pretty much eliminate this problem (who’s daft enough to pay out money for a fake account?), and choosing matches with plenty of photos and a nice, detailed profile will give you plenty to go on when you’re looking for a date. While you may be lucky to bump into your Prince Charming at a real-life event, the chances that the people you meet are a) single and b) interested seem pretty scarce, compared to the targeted profiles on a dating website – people who are definitely searching for their other half.

(Not so) great expectations

You’re looking for love but your date just wants to have fun – or the other way round. It’s the classic example but, in reality, there are lots of ways wires can get crossed and people can wind up getting the wrong idea about what the other person wants. As so often in life, communication is a key skill and can come in handy in avoiding awkward situations or dealing with them if they do occur.

This communication is more straight forward when looking for dates online – it’s easier to establish ground rules and get an idea of what someone is looking for when you can chat through a website than it is when you catch someone’s eye in a noisy nightclub!

The biological clock issue

This one dovetails with the comment about expectations. Women in their 20s and 30s may find that men (somewhat understandably) assume that they are looking for someone to have children with. In fact, women in their mid-30s onwards may find that a date’s default assumption is that the women in question is very well aware that there is now a countdown on the time she has left available to have children. This is another potential minefield, which often needs to be negotiated with tact.

Parental pressure

Part of being a parent is wanting what’s best for your little chick and parents often think they know what’s best for their kids.

Parents trying to match up their children or disliking matches their children have made for themselves can be the stuff of comedy gold on TV or film, but it’s not so much fun in real life. If they’re interfering far too much, talk to them and make it clear that while you welcome their advice, you will be choosing your own dates from now on!

Peer pressure

All your friends are busy coupling up and having kids, but you’re not ready for that kind of commitment and still want to have some fun – or maybe you are ready but haven’t met the right person.

Good friends can be rather like parents; you know they only want what’s best for you and they can give you some really good advice. Sometimes, however, you could live without their well-meant help.

Who pays for the date?

In the early days particularly it can be a bit of a challenge to determine where to go on a date and establish who pays for what. You might like the sound of an expensive restaurant, but unless you are prepared to pay for both of you, your date might prefer to go somewhere more affordable, even if it seems like they have a high income. Even if you are prepared to pay for both of you, would your date be comfortable with this? Some men get weirdly insecure at the idea of the woman picking up the bill.

It’s usually best to discuss this upfront, so you don’t end up arguing about who’s paying in front of the waiter or waitress in your restaurant!

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